Twekembe Foundation Community Centre

Twekembe Foundation aims to build high-quality accessible facilities were our communities we serve could easily have free access to a computer, vocational training and libray. The core vision of organization is to support communities in the slums of Kampala develop using sustainable solution that gives HOPE and DIGNITY to the most Vulnerable… These initiatives will help to train and equip orphans, widows, youths and vulnerable communities in art and crafts skills. The Center will also offer health skills, HIV/AIDS counseling, and testing. Center designed to provide sports skills, community development, and education projects for their alternative livelihood sustainability. This center will be a game-changer for the community of Kampala. This center will help youth to learn music, dance, movie making, drama making, and art and fashion design and will build the capacity communities to grow and expand more. This center will also be focused on traditional education. We believe the establishment of this center will not only engage and uplift the community but also this innovative model would enable our students to enter into the rapidly growing industry of Uganda and help push towards the professionalization of Uganda’s economy. We have taken a step to make the organizational dream true. Twekembe Foundation prepared out the proposed, design of the center, and looking for Potential Donors or Individuals to come forward to fund us to achieve the mission of the organization.


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