We are the foundation for uplifting communities of the slums of East Africa-Uganda by developing sustainable initiates that give HOPE and DIGNITY to the most vulnerable people.

Our Beginnings

On Saturday. 12 July 2008, a group of four good-willed, able-bodied and sound minded persons, all members of Makerere University, sat together in a landmark convocation and resolved themselves into a group with the following mission:

To stimulate a sense of insight and to look into all aspects of life. Effect and influence policies with an aim to give second opportunity to vulnerable groups around them like orphans and improve general well-being of mankind and our environment.

On Saturday, 19 July 2009, in a special meeting that sat, the group resolved to call themselves Twekembe Slum Project (TSP) and adopted the under shown logo. Ideologically this logo is intended to represent and African man who is empowered to have hope in life and help others. The end result is to ensure general wellbeing of all making and our environment. The logo is further developed.


Uplift people from poverty and promote sustainable urban development programs by improving the
standards of sanitation and overall welfare through education, work-related demonstrations and enterprise


We provide the resources and platform to empower families to create such a world where every community
is a strong one with health, environment and livelihood.

twekembe with childern
twekembe NGO childern food
We envision a future where no child lives without the love and security of a forever family!
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